List of Foods Containing High Gas

Many factors make you experience flatulence, belching, and frequent bowel movements. One reason is consuming foods that contain gas. Although classified as normal, but if too much gas in the body, can cause discomfort to shame when passing gas in public places. In general, the gas that comes out of the body, does not or only smells a little. Flue gas with a pungent odor generally occurs when bacteria from the intestine release sulfur content. The possibility of excessive gas due to the small intestine does not have enough lactase enzymes to process incoming food. Various Foods High in Gas Content Most foods that contain high carbohydrates generally can cause a lot of gas production in the digestive tract. Meanwhile, foods containing fat and protein produce less gas. Although each person is different in processing food that enters the body, there are some foods that generally produce a lot of gas in the digestive tract, namely: Beans Beans are the food that produces the hig
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